Specialist SUpport

Specialist support for Physical and Mental Health

Our professional, specialised support services guarantee your loved one gets to safely stay in a home they are familiar with and love. We will match them with a professional care assistant who has undergone our 5-day induction programme, is vetted and checked.

With our live-in specialised support services, your loved one has more control over their care, and a say within a familiar environment. Your loved one will be able to keep the pets, hobbies, trinkets, gardens and memories they treasure when they receive their care at home.

Physical and Mental Health Care Services

Why choose us for your home care needs?

For a person living with long-team and short-term disabilities, routine and familiarity matter considerably. Alida Care provides care assistants, nurses or live-in care personnel dedicated to your loved ones comfort and independence in their own home as long as feasibly possible.
There is a preference for home care over residential care so loved ones get to cherish precious memories longer and be closer to family. Alida Care makes this happen by providing the support an individual living with dementia needs so they get to keep their home and memories.

A home care plan with your collaboration to ensure it suites your need

Professional, vetted, empathetic care providers available to you round the clock

A responsive care plan reviewed regularly to stay in line with your care needs

A fair-priced service with no hidden fees or charges

Our staff are vetted and trained to provide care for your loved ones

Safety: looking after the wellbeing of the client, monitoring or removing safety risks within the home

Continence care: Assistance with managing continence wear and maintaining hygiene.

Health: Support with diet and nutritionary needs

Support with pain management

Companionship: engaging the client with their hobbies and interests, providing a listening ear, going out for walks, and participating in outdoor activities such as gardening.

Housekeeping: support with cleaning, dusting, mopping, doing dishes, laundry and other day to day tasks within the household

Communication: support with communicating with other support services as well as family

Dementia support

Hobbies and interests: support with keeping up hobbies and interests

Emotional support for family

Errands: assistance with day-to-day errands such as grocery shopping, picking and dropping-off of mail, and picking up parcels.

Personal care: support undertaking tasks such as bathing, dressing, feeding, moving around and getting in and out of bed.

Medication support: support with proper medication management

Pets: care and management of pets; feeding, exercising, and cleaning if agreed.

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