Client FAQs

Every month, you will receive an invoice from Alida care. You have the option of
paying the invoice via bank transfer or cheque. All the payment arrangements will be
made from the very start. We will give you any payment information you might need.
Yes, you do. Because carers spend so much time at home with you, we work with
you to partner you with a carer matching your personality, interests and as well as
being capable of handling your care needs. We will start with coming up with a care
plan, and then work with you to select the most suitable carer.
We will work as fast as possible to get a carer that matches your care needs and personality. However, we do not have a fixed schedule of when we can get you a well-matched carer. As soon as you request for our care support services, and complete your initial assessments, we will send across profiles of possible carers for you to review. In case you urgently need a carer, we will send a person in within 24 hours as we look for a more  suitable, long-term carer.
We very thoroughly check and vet our carers before letting them into your home. We check their DBS status is verified. We also check if they are qualified to work with vulnerable groups of people. We will take every precaution to ensure your safety and
A care relationship does get personal, and we understand your need to interact with a carer who is familiar to you. We go to great lengths to match you with carers who understand your needs and matches your personality. We also work very hard to ensure you have your preferred carer attending to you. However, in the event that your carer is not on hand, we will have other carefully chosen persons who can assist in the interim, and who has been familiarised with your care needs.
In life, the unexpected always happens. Your regular carer might be unavailable on occasion for personal or professional reasons. We are well prepared for  such occurrences. While we strive to match you with one or more primary carers, we will onboard additional carers who are familiarised with your care needs and your personal preferences. These backup carers can smoothly step in when your primary carer (s) are unavailable.
Our primary responsibility is to look after your comfort and wellbeing. If you are unsatisfied with your carer, no matter the reason, please inform our management team or your primary contact person. We shall work with you to select a carer that is a good match for you.
When you first start receiving care, it may not be clear how many hours of support you many need in a week. As you and we get to understand your care needs better, we will offer flexibility in scheduling hours for you. What we may ask of you is to inform us at least 24 hours beforehand when you need to cancel care services. We will try as much as possible to fit into your scheduling needs.
The cost of your care needs is worked out based on your individual circumstances. Some of the factors that go into calculating hoe much your care will costs  include the number of hours you need, if you need specialist care, and whether you require living-in care or a day carer’s services. Our team will come and conduct a free assessment with you so we can understand your care needs and help you price your care.

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