Long-term care

Find inner peace knowing that we are on hand

Live-in care is now a popular alternative to residential care homes for many older adults. Alida Care offers a personalised approach to care solutions that give clients the independence and freedom they need to live within the home setting. Our clients can experience inner peace as a carer is there to assist with their additional requirements.

The overall cost of at-home care services is typically less than residential options, which can be a significant benefit.

Continuous care 365 days

Moving out of your familiar home, away from prized possessions and familiar
surroundings, and into a residential care facility may be quite painful for many elderly individuals. Being removed from the location they’ve always considered home can be a source of worry and anxiety.
Alida Care assists people in staying and continuing their lives in the homes they love with long-term Live-in care. We appreciate the importance of the familiar and the known. We will give a fortnightly rota system of our elderly clients’ favourite live-in carers so they will always know who will be looking  after them. This will ensure that we can look after someone at home 365 days a year, for as long as they like.

At Alida Care, we recognise that each person we care for is unique and has developed their own way of life and doing things. Our live-in carers assist with all of the daily tasks that come with living freely in your own home, including:

Be a companion both inside and outside the home so that life can go on as usual.

Take away the dangers and difficulties that come with living alone

Assisting with day-to-day household activities

Providing personal care

We provide a fully supported Long-term Live-in care service to assist people k keep and continue living in their own homes​

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