Elderly Care

Tailored care for your loved ones' needs

Home is where the heart is. Your elderly loved one may have the best of their memories within their home where they have spent as much as a lifetime. Wrenching them from this warmth and familiarity into a residential facility can be an unsettling experience. With our care solutions, your loved one can keep the comfort and familiarity of a home they love and receive that extra help they need in their advanced years. Your elderly loved ones will have the support of an Alida carer so they have a home and the independence to enjoy and cherish the sunset years. Our elderly care package is tailored to the needs of your loved ones. Whether it is assistance with routine household tasks, or monitoring of medication and personal hygiene, an Alida carer is ready and capable to help. Want to have a chat about the possible care needs of an elderly loved one?

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